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Alci-for Hair Dryer, Hair Straighteners, Curler


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:T15

  • Type:Circuit Breaker

  • Breaking Capacity:Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • Operation:Manual Type

  • Installation:Insert

  • Speed:High-Speed Circuit Breaker

  • Structure:Conventional Circuit Breaker

  • Arc-extinguishing Medium:Air

  • Function:Circuit-Breaker Failure Protection

  • Certification:UL

  • Trademark:T&H

  • Specification:UL943B

  • Origin:Zhongshan Guangdong

Product Description
Rated Supply Voltage: 125VAC
Rated Current: 15A \13A\10A
Operating Frequency: 60Hz
Trip Current: 4-6mA
Trip Time: 25mS max
Voltage Surge: 6KV (100kHz Ring Wave)
Endurance: 3000 Cycles min (With 15A Load)
Hit-Pot Test: 1.5KV for 1 minute
Approval & Standard: UL943B(ALCI)/UL498/UL859
Input Type: NEMA 1-15 Polarized Plug
Output Type: Various Power Cords are Available:
1). #18 AWG. SPT-1 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
2). #18 AWG. SPT-2 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
3). #18 AWG. SPT-2-R 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
4). #18 AWG. SVT 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
5). #18 AWG. SJT 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
6). #18 AWG. NISPT-1 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
7). #18 AWG. NISPT-2 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
8). #18 AWG. CORD (BRAIDED T2) 2C 60degC 10A 125VAC
9). #18 AWG. HPN 2C 90degC 13A 125VAC
10). #18 AWG. HPN-R 2C 90degC 13A 125VAC
11). #17 AWG. HPN 2C 90degC 13A 125VAC
12). #16 AWG. CORD (BRAIDED T2) 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
13). #16 AWG. 20771 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
14). #16 AWG. SVT 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
15). #16 AWG. SPT-2 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
16). #16 AWG. SPT-2-R 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
17). #16 AWG. SJT 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
18). #16 AWG. NISPT-2 2C 60degC 13A 125VAC
19). #16 AWG. HPN 2C 105degC 15A 125VAC
20). #16 AWG. HPN-R 2C 105degC 15A 125VAC
21). #15 AWG. 20856 2C 60degC 15A 125VAC
22). #15 AWG. SVT 2C 60degC 15A 125VAC
23). #15 AWG. SJT 2C 60degC 15A 125VAC

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