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Curls To Create Natural Fresh Curls

I believe that many girls have such a puzzle, buy a curler but do not know how to use, today let Qili United hair to tell you the use of curlers, simple one minute you can learn.

The curlers create a variety of curling effects, making it easy to use different settings to achieve the desired effect, making sure your hair is clean, dry and combed.

Use of curlers

The first step: the first special hair styling agent applied to the hair, Hair Curler because the curlers will produce high temperature, so it is very important to complete the agile.

The second step: before the hair, according to the straight hair method, with a metal plate or curlers to slide the whole 2-3 times, you can prevent the hair becomes too roll

The third step: the hot roll, according to their favorite volume to carry the hot roll, hot hair when the hair on the hairpin to stay two to three seconds.

Step four: hot, do not immediately use to sort out the volume, Hair Curler and other hair heat dispersed, and then to sort out, so you can keep the volume.

Step 5: Finally, you can use some stereotypes to keep the volume long.

Use curlers to note

1, too wet hair, not directly with curlers to curl, because too much water into the curlers, the internal easy to damage.

2, in accordance with the different parts and hair with different temperatures curl, do not rush into, all with high temperature, not only hot coke hair, Hair Curler but also make the heating element aging damage.

Hair curlers to create hair reference

Big waves

Big waves can be extended outward face, hair thick lady is best not to head the top of the head and hair tips. If the hair in front of the short, only about half of the volume, the formation of natural waves, after a period of time waves rolled into, the release of the volume, Hair Curler with a large comb or finger to sort out, and then gelatinization can be stereotypes.

Spicy of wheat

This hair is characterized by the most able to show the hair of the sense of thick, first determine the head from the hair inside and hair root parts began to roll, the key is not a lot of hair volume.

Sagging natural rolls

The use of curlers to make natural curls, only the hair in a completely dry state, curls can be done, the damage to the hair was small. From the root of 10cm away from the beginning of the volume, only the hair sparse, long to spread to the four sides in order to form a natural fresh curls.

Hanging to the shoulder of the lovely roll

Hanging to the shoulder of the lovely roll suitable for long hair hair, hair styling hair will be made of all the big flowers, and the middle of the volume roll, Hair Curler and then use the card fixed in front of the hair.

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