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Good Insulation Performance Of Straight Hair Generator

The straight hair is also called the Electric splint, popular is called the splint, is through the electric current heats the hair body MCH or the PTC or the hot wire, conduction to the aluminum plate or the ceramic board heats up. Continue think righteousness is to straighten the hair, through the heating element to heat the hair, soften, and then cooling, to achieve the purpose of straight hair. Now the straightener, both can straighten, and can pull the roll.

The purchase of the straight hair

Hair salons and hairdressers must pay attention to the choice of tools when choosing a tool, if the choice is not good or buy a cottage equipment, the consumer's safety is also a great threat.

Because of the general use of wire straightener, Hair Straightener is the AC power supply products, the biggest problem in the purchase is security. Security is the certification, after the certification of products, have been the authority of the detection, is in line with the safety standards, export products are generally through the CE certification or UL certification. CCC certification in China. In addition to purchase a formal registered trademarks of the manufacturers of products. At present, only the "American domain" Company's machine, Hair Straightener with 3C Standard and Yong Cheng insurance underwriting, splint after 3 Professional Engineer research and development testing, production process through 8 QC testing, life expectancy of more than 3 years, rate almost o repair standard, splint design itself beautiful generous, easy to operate.

The quality of the product can also be judged from the other side by appearance. Regular manufacturers pay attention to a variety of quality, including appearance. Generally look at the various edges, if the mold injection is very smooth, no burr, indicating the high quality of mold development, Hair Straightener or after the injection of repair. In addition to rotate the tail, see whether it is very flexible, very flexible, indicating that the match is good. The method is to let the power cord natural droop, 360 degrees rotating straight hair, Hair Straightener if you can smoothly rotate 360 degrees, indicating good turn tail.

Characteristics of Hair Straightener

The straight hair is also called the Electric Splint, the English name is Hair straightener, the popular is called the splint, is through the electric current heats the hair body MCH or the PTC or the heating wire, conduction to the aluminum plate or the ceramic board heats up. Straight hair, continue think righteousness is to straighten the hair, through the heating element to heat the hair, soften, and then cooling, to achieve the purpose of straight hair. Now the straightener, both can straighten, and can pull the roll. Formerly straight hair, Hair Straightener the main users are professional hair salons barber, Europe and the United States in the 70 's time has entered the family personal market, in the home can be a spa for hair. The 2010 Straightener will enter the Chinese family market, will develop into the personal care of the necessary products, like a comb to popularize. Now with the continuous popularization of hair straightener and the continuous improvement of equipment level, has become ordinary people's common hairdressing tools.

The classification of straight hair

1 The hair straightener can be divided into ceramic heating body, ptc heating body and MCH body according to the different heating body. Ceramic heating of the advantages of environmental protection, heating speed, generally 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make the surface temperature of the splint to 200 degrees. But because the ceramic heating body is in 1000 degree above high temperature sintering, its temperature loses control in the circuit, will quickly surpass 300 degrees, will burn the fixed heating board plastic material, Hair Straightener causes the heating board to fall off, may contact the user, and burns the skin.

PTC is the abbreviation of positive temperature coefficient, the translation is the positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC thermistor. PTC is also sintered at high temperature, but the highest temperature of his surface can be controlled in sintering, according to the requirements of manufacturers, can be sintered to 2,801 of the surface, or the manufacturers want any temperature, generally sintering to 230 degrees to 280 degrees. But its disadvantage is that the speed of warming to 200 degrees is slower, Hair Straightener generally in a minute or 2 minutes or so. In addition, it can not be kept at a higher temperature as a ceramic heater. The effect of straightening hair is slightly worse.

2 Straight hair According to the heating plate material different, can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, surface sprayed ceramic glaze aluminum plate, microcrystalline glass plate ceramic Heating Board of the advantages of environmental protection, good insulation performance, good security, the disadvantage is the length of processing, processing, and because the edge is difficult to handle the very smooth, in the process of straightening hair will be a little bit of pulling hair.

The advantage of aluminum-sprayed ceramic glaze is that it is easy to produce, and as a result of mechanical molding, the edge is smooth and does not drag hair. Hair Straightener Because the surface is a basin of ceramic glaze, the effect of pulling hair is also very good. The disadvantage is due to the metal, itself is not insulated, to the internal heating body insulation treatment to avoid leakage caused by safety hazards.

Microcrystalline Glass plate application is less, mainly its surface smoothness is not as good as ceramic glaze, the other is not easy to form fixed, to redesign the product structure.

3 The straight hair is differentiated from the structure, generally divides into the V type and the X type two kinds, the early comparison popular x type, but this year V type is more popular. Because the V-type not only can straighten hair, sleek straight hair, can also be used for curly hair, more and more hair stylist with hair straightener.

4 The hair straightener is different according to the power supply, Hair Straightener is divided into the wired straight hair and the wireless charge straight hair Direct hair device namely through connects the electricity to carry on the power supply work the direct hair, the wireless charge type straight hair is through a charger to the rechargeable battery carries on the charge, uses the battery as the power supply.

The advantages of wire straightener can be continuous work, the disadvantage is that if the design of the direct hair generator control unreasonable, there will be a safety hazard, in addition to the use of a power line will be inconvenient, and the other is to carry out inconvenient. The advantage of wireless straightener is safety, because it is a tributary power supply, and the other is the convenience of traveling outside. However, Hair Straightener the disadvantage of wireless straightener is that each charge can only work 30 minutes to 1 hours.

5 Straight Hair According to the size of the division can be divided into wide plate, medium plate, narrow plate and mini

The length of straight hair plate of wide plate straight hair is generally 90MM, the width is 42MM, the plate's straight hair board length is generally 90MM, the width is 24MM, the narrow plate's straight hair board's length is generally 80-90mm, the width is 13-14mm, the mini straight hair Board's length is generally 60MM, the width is 13-14mm.

6 Direct-Hair device according to the type of LAFA, Hair Straightener can be divided into common type and dry-wet dual-use type. Common type straight hair in the LAFA must blow dry to start to pull, wet and dry dual-use type can be drawn. Dry-Wet Dual-purpose straight hair plate to have 8-10 of pores, so that water can be turned into steam from the pores.

7 Voltage and export country classification, plug has Chinese plug, European plug, American plug (U.S. leakage protection plug), o plug, Japan plug, Germany electric plug, South Africa plug, British Plug and so on. Voltage: 110v-240v's global general voltage also has a specific voltage or current in one country alone.

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