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How To Choose The Best Curling Wand For You

How to Choose the Best Curling Wand for You

Are you looking for a curling wand, if so there are several different things you will want to to consider.  First of all, what is a curling wand? With all of these specialized hair tools on the market today, it is important to know what a curling wand is best used for, curling your hair.  Curling wands can create several different looks for you with one hair tool, their primary funciton is to curl your hair, but they can do so much more.  Check out this post here with the latest curly hair styles.


Curling wands come in many different sizes, but did you know that they come in different shapes too.  Choosing the shape of your wand is very important.  Make sure you pay attention to the different shapes and sizes of barrels on curling wands.  Different shapes produce different curls.  Don’t worry we will guide you through this.


(fat lower end – skinny narrow end)

The conical shaped curling wand provides extreme versatility for you. With a think and skinny end you can create curls in just about any size with one tool.  Some curling ands have a steeper slope which is mainly for thicker curls.  If you aren’t sure that you want thicker curls opt for the more typically version and take advantage of its versatility of use.   For the women on the go, who needs no fussing around: the cone shaped rod is what she needs!

Benefits of Cone Shaped Curling Wands:

  • Allows you to create your curls of all sizes

  • You can use the larger-end of the rod to provide larger and thicker curls

  • While The smaller-end of the rod delivers tiny precise curls

  • Super versatile and reduces the need to purchases other tools


The straight shaped curling wand is great for those who want perfectly equal curls in the shape of rings. You know that professional well-groomed look most business women strive for.  This curling wand is also great at curling the bottom part of your hair outwards, (great look for people with naturally straight hair)

Benefits of Straight Shaped Curling Wands:

  • Consistency from curl to curl

  • Creates perfectly equal curls


Several of the best curling wands give you the option to change the barrel.  This is called an interchangeable barrel, several of the top hair salons use this style of curling wand.  Most of the major brands are now selling interchangeable curling wands like Cortex and Amika.  Amazing most of them are priced cheap enoght that we can all afford one, check out the Hot Tools curling wand for a very affordable alternative.  If you can afford it the interchangeable wand is definitely the best way to go.

Benefits of Interchangeable Curling Wands:

  • Limitless options, super versatile

  • Can create almost any style you can dream of


Barrel Materials

Aside from shapes of the barrel, there are a number of different materials that the curling wands are made out of.

Basic Metal

– These are the most common curling wands, made with metal barrels and few heat settings, usually confined to just low, medium, and high. While some people, especially those who only occasionally curl their hair, a model like this helpful, in general, most people opt for the next level of curling wand.


– Ceramic models come in a variety of function, with many different heat settings. You may be able to find a ceramic model for fairly cheap, depending on its other functionalities. In general, however, the more functions it has, the more expensive it is going to be. There are also different qualities of ceramic. The reason these are more popular than the basic models is because they are far less likely to burn the shaft of the hair as they curl it.


– Tourmaline is by far the most durable materials, and is well-loved in the beauty industry because it heats up quickly, holds its heat well, and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny, rather than crispy and fried like some other materials.


– Ionic is by far the most advanced material used in curling wands, and is therefore also the most expensive. While it does the best job for the widest variety of hair types, some women may be able to achieve the same results with a different model. If you have dry hair, however, it is best to opt for an ionic model, which actually traps moisture into the hair, rather than sapping it away like other materials do.

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