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How To Use The Curlers

The hair curler is a hand-held electronic product used to put the hair roll, its main component is a handle and a hot curling bar, which is controlled by the circuit temperature, the heating rod is made of metal material, commonly used metal Material is iron pipe or aluminum tube, in the metal tube implanted inside the heating body, Hair Curler through the circuit control, heating body can be heated to 200 degrees to 220 degrees.

What are the curlers classified?

Hair dryer in accordance with the different heating elements can be divided into three categories, ceramic heating element, PT, heating element and heating wire heating element, ceramic heating element is environmentally friendly, heating speed, in a minute and a half can reach 200 degrees, Hair Curler The overall cost of the curl of the ceramic heating element is about 30% higher than that of the PTC or the heating wire. Hair Curler The same time as the above-

In accordance with the different styles of curly hair can be divided into two kinds of straight rods and verrucous rods, straight rod curling rods from the same diameter to the same, the volume of hair up and down the curly hair and curly hair uniform, cone barrel curlers, Hair Curler Rolled up and down the size of different wavy curls, hair volume can be small to large, can also be large to small, hair changeable.

Hair curler use precautions

When we use the curlers should pay attention to: because the hair of the hair parts of the hair exposed, if their own hair at home, by others to help curly hair, try to avoid their curls, careless, easy to cause burns, if their operation, Of the curlers, without a clip of the curler itself is not easy to operate, with a clip clip hair tail, slowly rolled to the hair root, stay twenty seconds after the release, curly hair formed. The same time as the above-

Conclusion: curly hair stays in the hair for too long will damage the hair Oh, so we have to control the temperature when the hair dye, but also be careful to use to avoid burns.

The author of my hair is relatively straight and hair quality is good, if the use of hair hair method will be the hair of the volume, it is easy to recover and damage hair, Hair Curler a lot of hair of the small partners are advised me not to hair. And the maintenance of curls need a lot of hair, so I finally took the use of simple curlers to curl the method to achieve the modeling effect, and not hurt. Because no one around the use of curlers, so I also bought a lot of curlers try to find the most suitable for their own hair curlers, the following give you about the use of different curlers and the effect of it

1 the first is a very cute spherical sponge curlers, many little girls like to use. Usage is very simple, that is, directly around the hair around the ball on it. Because the space is limited, so one can not roll too much hair, will exceed the scope of the ball can cover, it can not get the effect. Long hair to reduce the volume of the volume.

2 The second is a strip of sponge curlers. Hair Curler Usage is slightly more complicated than the previous one, but personally feel that the fix effect is better. The hair is wrapped in the middle part of the sponge, and then the tail of the small tail into the head of the ring, as a fixed. Can be removed from the middle sponge, the effect of small volume. Do not remove the sponge, the effect is large volume.

3 The third is the author to buy the most expensive curlers, and the quality is the best, but personally feel not very easy to use. This kind of tubular hair curler is directly on the curling hair curlers, hair curlers have the kind of things that can help stick to the hair, but if the hair is too long, behind a few laps simply stick, it is difficult to fix live, So it is more suitable for shorter hair.

4 The fourth is a good fixation effect, the hair wrapped around the curlers, Hair Curler this hair curler has a fixed hair a small cover, you can finish the hair, the small cover to the curler, as a fixed.

5 fifth curlers than the fourth to be smaller, usage and the fourth, just the last step is not a small cover, is a small clip, the curler grip for fixed. And the EXID Hani on Running Man used the same paragraph. The author also saw her use this, only deliberately bought a curler, the effect is good.

6 the fourth, the fifth curl fixed effect is the best, but there is a problem that can not roll too much hair, because the volume is too much, fixed, the excess hair from the curlers at both ends Slip out, can not play the role of curly hair. The longer the hair, the more attention to this problem.

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