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Straight Hair Of The Purchase Guide

Hair straightener is the hair straightened, through the heating element to heat the hair, soften, and then cooling, in order Hair Straightener to achieve the purpose of straight hair. That straight hair to how to use it? The following is compiled by the small series on the use of straight hair content, I hope you like!

How does straight hair use?

1, detailed reading straight hair of the instructions.

2, the first hair washed clean, with no conditioner can be.

3, the hair dry or dry hair dryer.

4, the hair straightener connected to the power, let the heating plate preheat for a few minutes.

5, will need to deal with the hair section combing fluent.

6, use the hair straightener to hold the hair slowly from the root to the top pull.

7, the hair in accordance with 5,6 step by step processing is completed.

8, hair cut off after the power, let cool straight hair device.

Precautions for using straight hair:

1, straight hair is a high temperature electrical appliances, do not touch the heating plate by hand.

2, use straight hair forward waist to determine the hair has been dry.

3, when used to pay attention to straight hair to keep moving, do not stay on the hair.

4, the number of hair each time not too much, too thick, or straight hair effect is not good.

5, after each use to wait until the straight hair temperature dropped to room temperature before the storage and storage.

Straight hair of the purchase guide

Hair Straightener As the general use of wired straight hair, is AC power supply products, the biggest problem in the purchase of security issues. Safety protection is certified, certified products, have been tested by the authority, is in line with safety standards, export products are generally CE certified or UL certification.

Domestic CCC certification. Also to buy a formal registered trademark of the manufacturers of products. At present, only the "US domain" company's machine, with 3C standards and Yongcheng insurance underwriting, plywood after three professional engineers R & D test, the production process after 8 QC test, life expectancy of more than 3 years, the repair rate is almost O repair standard , Plywood design itself beautiful and generous, easy to operate smoothly.

The quality of the product can also be judged from the other side by appearance. Regular manufacturers are very focused on the quality, including the appearance. Generally look at each edge, if the mold injection is very smooth, no burrs, Hair Straightener indicating the quality of mold development, or after the injection of the repair. Also turn to turn around to see if it is very flexible, very flexible, that match very well. Method is to let the power cord naturally sag, 360 degrees rotation straight hair, if you can successfully turn 360 degrees, that turn tail good.

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