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Straightener Operation Is Relatively Simple And Quick

Hair straightener, also known as plywood, is a hair for straightening the electronic products, the technology originated in 1995, the use of electromagnetic principles to make an object (that is, heating body, hereinafter referred to as the heating body) heat Heating temperature sent to a section, Hair Straightener the use of high temperature to straighten the hair, the general temperature of about 200 degrees. International beauty authority designated the best molding temperature of 220 degrees, but in China, China generally use the temperature between 160 degrees - 200 degrees. And hair straightener development today has been earth-shaking changes, Hair Straightener not only straight hair, as well as hair and clip out the function of wave hair. But also can emit ozone and negative ions. From 07 has entered the family personal market, at home can give a hair to a SPA. 21st century hair straightener will enter the Chinese family market, will develop into a personal care essential products, like a comb as popular.

Straight hair styling effect is better than straight hair, Hair Straightener but slightly higher operating skills, straight hair device operation is relatively simple and quick. It is recommended to use straight hair

The operation of the straightener is shown below.

1, after washing the head in the hair coated with a layer of disposable hair conditioner, hand with hair dryer hair blowing into a half dry.

2, with a wide tooth wood comb hair comb, and separate levels.

3, with the provocation of a lock of hair, while straight hair with a straight hair from the card to the next, with a hair dryer on the hot plate blowing holes, Hair Straightener until the hair blowing dry straight.

Straight hair principle is through the hair dryer heating hot plate, the release of negative ions to straighten the hair straight down.

Hair straight hair can be hair, but in the hair at the same time, will also shape the hair some damage. This may be what people say: beauty is a price. Hair Straightener If we can let us have a beautiful hairstyle do not have to pay the price? Like to use hair straightener MM must not miss the use of the following straight hair device Oh.

1. Often use straight hair of the MM in the choice of shampoo, Hair Straightener it is best to choose the role of repair after the shampoo, after all, straight hair is the principle of heating to straighten the hair.

2. Before using straight hair, do not forget to use straight hair cream or heat spray, and can not use hair gel or gel water.

3. Use straight hair to the hair completely dry, with a comb to straighten the hair after the hair will be divided into a strand of hair. In a small strands of hair into the hair straightener while moving straight hair, starting from the hair root parts to the tail. Be sure to remember to move your hair straightener, because a long time to straight hair device to stay in a hair on the hair is a great deal of harm.

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