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The Curlers Do Very Natural Rolls

Hair Curler The most common type. Thickness uniform hair rods, the material is generally metal or ceramic. The general diameter represents the size of the volume.

19MM, 22MM, 28cm and so on in the end what is the meaning? A picture lets you read the volume corresponding to the volume.

Simply said, the more the diameter of the effect of the most natural, the smaller the smaller the diameter of the smaller and more lasting. To do a very natural volume, remember to match the stereotypes of spray, so to maintain a longer time.

If it is to deal with the fluffy head, bangs and hair tail of a class, you can choose 38mm, 50mm.

This kind of hair sticks every basic hairdressing equipment brand will be out here to introduce two good reputation.

The use of the method is to put a strand of hair into the folder, and then spin on the hair bar on the like, like this even winding in the curling rod, so as to heat evenly.

Portable models, the length of only 23.5cm, suitable for people who often need to go out to carry curly sticks. Material is an optical ceramic coating, to reduce the bleaching after dyeing.

Hair Curler Steam to enhance the hair moisturizing effect, containing double negative ion launchers, do not hurt hair.

Swirl-type hair sticks

And ordinary curly hair rods are evenly different, this vortex-type curling rod is from coarse to fine, no clip design, usually with a heat insulation gloves, the use of hand when part of the hair wrapped around the hair rod, Yes.

This type is now more popular, because the thickness of different, means that you do not have to buy a lot of a curly hair bar can make a different volume. Generally more professional hairdressing equipment brand will be out of this.

Have you ever wondered why the curlers will have so many different sizes? You may think that a size can get everything, but it is not true. Different sizes of curlers will affect your hair's final appearance. The smaller the size, the closer the hair rolls, and vice versa.

Hair Curler If you want to go out quickly, there is a convenient way to make your hair quickly become a wave volume. You just put your hair into a high horsetail, and then directly all the horsetail tail without the need for each strand of hair hot roll. After the hot, spread the hair, shake, and then wave volume on the perfect shape.

Another way to ensure that your curls are perfect for a whole day is to heat only a small thread of hair each time. They may seem to be alone, but the whole looks very beautiful. The strength of each strand of hair can make your hair shape perfect for a whole day!

You must be prepared before you do anything, and the curls are no exception. Your final curly hair is directly dependent on your previous hairstyle. If you want a lot of hair, first use your hair dryer to dry your hair. If you want to have a shiny roll, you will first straighten your hair. Finally, if you want fluffy big curls, start your hair completely before curling.

It is always important to buy a suitable curler, so before you decide, you have to do some "homework". First of all, there are three kinds of curlers: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium alloy. Ceramic curlers because the heat distribution is uniform, so the damage to the hair the smallest. Tourmaline curls ion coil hot, can make your hair more silky, shiny. The advantage of the titanium alloy curlers is that the hair will not be caught.

Hair Curler When the shape of the hair can not be kept all day long, you may be worried that this is caused by your hair's health problems. Do not be afraid, this is not your hair problem, but how do you keep the problem. The next time from the hair root began to roll and not from the middle began to hot. In this case, the curl of the heat can cover more area, increase the strength of the whole hair curls. Then you can shine all day long.

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