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The Curlers Shape The Ideal Curly Hair

Curlers have become their own hands to create Variety modeling important home appliances, you can make their own beautiful hair!

How is the hair stylist correct?

Method / step

1 first talk about a qualified curler products, how to choose.

A, must have a selection of formal manufacturers and registered trademark products. Where the packaging does not clearly indicate the manufacturer's address and certification mark and trademark products, Hair Curler it is recommended not to buy, that is no three products, the quality is not guaranteed.

B, look carefully at the technical specifications in the manual part of the regular manufacturers will generally use the heating material used, if not marked with heat, Hair Curler they can not determine what is the heating body, it is best to buy ceramic fever. It is characterized by heat evenly, safe, and there is a certain amount of infrared, beneficial to the human body and hair.

C, the surface of the hair is generally sprayed ceramic glaze, the quality of ceramic glaze determines the curling effect is good or bad and the length of the surface life. Hair Curler Good ceramic has a very smooth surface, no astringent feeling. There is also a surface is plated, the adhesion is not as good as spray ceramic glaze, is not recommended.

The use of curlers

2 shampoo.

Pour the amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand, rub it by hand and apply it evenly on the hair;

Gently massage the hair and scalp, do not force too much, Hair Curler or the hair pulled to the scalp, or easy to knot; with your fingertips massage the scalp, which can stimulate the blood circulation, so that the hair surface is more soft;

Thoroughly rinse the hair, Hair Curler flushing is not sufficient will lead to hair bleak, dull, and finally rinse with cold water, make hair more beautiful;

3 dry

In order to get a better and beautiful curly effect, you must do the preparation before curling hair with hair dryer appropriate hair dry hair to ensure that the effect of professional supple: After washing the hair, hand squeeze excess hair in the water, then With a towel to dry the hair, Hair Curler with a comb from the hair root to the hair gently comb hair; from the back of the heel back with the clip will be divided into a few bundles of hair, do not have wet sticky hair; for each pile of hair with curly hair Brush along the hair down to pull, Hair Curler while the hair dryer with hair dryer blowing hair, hair dryer when the nozzle at the tip of the hair; dry the dry hair, the hair dryer will be adjusted to cold air settings, the final cold blowing, So that the hair can be tightened, Hair Curler so that the hair more shiny; curly hair, messy curly hair and wet hair does not help the best effect of the curly hair, only in accordance with the above method straight hair, in order to make more beautiful hair

4 Plug the power plug into the power outlet (make sure that your outlet is matched with the power supply AC100 ~ 240V marked above). Press the three-way clamp. Wave-type hair styling inside the 120-degree LED display light, and in 20 seconds to quickly increase the temperature to the default set temperature, this time three tube clamp wave-type hair device work began, safe 20 minutes countdown also started; After the power, regardless of, Hair Curler it can not be placed on the surface of non-insulated objects

5 According to the different hair of each person, Hair Curler in accordance with the above instructions before use, you can now start curling operation;

A, comb the hair to make it smooth without tangles, with a comb to the hair into a lot of stacks, a pile of hair can not be too much, it is best to turn up the head hair to curl the bottom of the hair, and then gradually curled hair hair head; The

B, pick up a pile of hair with a width of no more than 5 cm, Hair Curler be caught in the middle of the three plywood and press the handle of the product, the amount of a pile of hair varies depending on your hair, too much to make a good Curly beauty;

C, the three tube clamp wave type curlers in a few seconds from the need to curl place to clamp, pause no more than 3 seconds, relax the handle, move the three clamps to the non-curled place, and then clamping, but 3 seconds, dwell time Too long may damage the hair;

D, each pile of hair curled, after about 20 seconds and then repeated until the shape of the ideal curly hair

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