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The Use Of Curlers

The curler is a hand-held electronic product used to put the hair roll, and its main component is a handle and a heating roll. The design of the curlers is controlled by the temperature of the circuit panel. The material of the heating roll is made of tourmaline ceramic panel, which can distribute the heat, circulate the heat, improve the hair protein structure to make the bending, and protect the hair in the process of hot rolling. Here and the decoration network with the small series to find out about it!


1) must have a formal selection of manufacturers and registered trademark products. Hair Curler Where the packaging does not clearly indicate the manufacturer's address and certification mark and trademark products, it is recommended not to buy, that is no three products, quality is not guaranteed.

Curve selection techniques and methods of use

2) carefully look at the technical specifications in the manual part of the regular manufacturers will generally specify the heating material used, if not marked with heat, Hair Curler they can not determine what is the heating body.It is best to buy ceramic fever, which is characterized by heat evenly, Safe, and there is a certain amount of infrared, beneficial to the human body and hair.

3) curly hair stick surface is generally spray ceramic glaze, the quality of ceramic glaze determines the curling effect is good or bad and the length of the surface life. Good ceramic has a very smooth surface, no astringent feeling. There is also a surface is plated, Hair Curler the adhesion is not as good as spray ceramic glaze, is not recommended.


The first step: after the red light began to flash, according to the hair to select the temperature to reach the predetermined temperature

After the red light is bright. | (190 ℃) Suitable for soft and dyed hair, || (210 ℃) suitable for ordinary hair, | (230 ℃) for rough and self-winding hair.

Step 2: Set the time to select the curl effect. 0 for the custom type, no sound, only in the hair involved in continuous heating after 15 seconds to remind. 8 for 8 seconds, natural wave / loose type, 3 times the tone, and finally connected with 4 said to complete. 10 for 10 seconds, soft muffle / moderately, 4 beeps, Hair Curler and finally with 4. 12 for 12 seconds, fashion charming / close, 5 times the tone, and finally connected with 4 said to complete.

Step 3: Set the curl direction. R: roll the right side of the hair when the hair into the R file, the volume; the left side of the hair when the hair into the R file, L: the left side of the hair when the hair into the L file, the volume; the right side of the hair when the volume into the L file, outside the volume. A: automatic file, a lock left a lock on the right-hand alternately, the most natural volume method.

The fourth step: very important! Make sure the roll opening position (with the button) faces the hair.

Curve selection techniques and methods of use

Step 5: Select the 1-3 cm width of the hair, carefully put the curlers. More than 3 cm, Hair Curler the automatic curlers sound a warning and automatically stop working.

Step 6: Fix the curlers at the starting position where you want to curl, make sure the hair is straight and straight through the reel, and then close the handle. The automatic curlers will automatically start working and make your hair perfect and lasting. Curl shape.

Step 7: When you hear "Di Di Di Di" for four consecutive bursts of sound, release the handle to curl naturally soft down, and remove the curlers. Did you see your beautiful curly hair? Everything is so simple. Note: If you do not release the handle, drag the curlers directly, Hair Curler the curls will resume straight hair.

Hair curler is a multi-function in one, not only straight hair, curly hair function, but also in the perm at the same time, protect the hair, nourish the hair. It is not only straight hair hair function, as well as negative ions and steam function, better protection of hair, no longer rough.

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