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The Use Of Multi - Functional Hairdressing Equipment

Multi-functional hairdressing equipment maintenance skills:

According to our experience to talk about the use of hair care equipment maintenance skills. I hope you add a lot of discussion:

1. The operator is best not to stay too long nails or casually press the button, because many of the instrument panel selection of soft keys, raw materials more brittle, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus so simple cause break.

2. Operators should be strict attention to the interface between the instrument and accessories, often because of ignoring the letter inserted into the plug, and the formation of touch mouth damage.

3. After the operation must turn off the power, or cause the instrument dry, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus a direct result of the instrument life shortened. Beauty Salon Equipment Instruments Protection Knowledge:

4. The instrument is not placed in the wet, direct sunlight, flammable and explosive items of the local, to avoid the occasional damage.

5. Instrument appearance to adhere to clean, it is best not used when the velvet or gauze to conceal, to prevent dust. On the instrument accessories such as: probe, patch, shovel head, electrode package, etc. Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus must be done once a person cleaning, cleaning with a dry cloth or wring dry wet cloth to scrub, avoid not wash.

6. Cooperative cosmetics must follow the needs of the instrument to use, such as: probe, patch, shovel number must not and oily or corrosive cosmetics touch.

7. All the wire type of accessories are prohibited to pull and surround, to avoid the power of silk broken, and all the instruments are not water.

Multifunctional hairdressing instrument use precautions

Method / step

Multi-function hairdressing equipment must be installed in a bath or shower can not touch the place and away from the bath

Do not use in the bath near the tub. Avoid contact with water when used.

If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department.

In order to ensure their own safety, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus do not remove the shell to operate the machine, do not block the inlet and outlet, and keep clean.

When the multifunction hairdressing instrument is used in the bathroom, unplug the plug after use, because even if the multifunction hairdressing instrument switch is disconnected, there is still danger of approaching water. It is recommended to install a residual current device with a rated residual operating current of no more than 30mA in the electrical circuit supplied by the bathroom.

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